Liberty City, USA

Liberty City. A massive mega-city. A conglomerate centered around New York City, but stretching from Philadelphia up to Boston. A population of near 33 million. The Night of Hell , Halloween, 2009, destroyed much of that area, back when there was a Phili, New York and Boston. It brought with it an immense cost in lives and money. But, rising from the ashes with an outpouring of wealth from the world over, it rose again as one megalithic spawl dubbed “Liberty City”.

In the shadows of this great city lie the seething teams of thugs, ruffians, murderers and villains. The majority of the population is oblivious to the true underbelly of Liberty City, but the police forces do an adequate job of assuring the citizens that they are on the job…even if they only show up after a crime has been committed. Everyone, however, can see the few individuals who are grouped together as SUPERS! These super-powered individuals range from extraordinarily trained and talented individuals, up to almost unbelievable powerhouses that can fly, crush cars with their bare hands, command the elements or control others minds. Thankfully they fight against the equal range of super-powered types who choose to use their abilities for villainous pursuits. Thus, Liberty City is both darkness and light, with many shadows in between.

Welcome to Liberty City, USA!

Liberty City USA - SUPERS!

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